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Welcome to Baker Hughes, Home of 140 Years of Award Winning Valve Management Solutions

In 2019, we are proudly celebrating our 140th year since providing our first Consolidated pressure relief valves to the market. Since that time, our brands of Consolidated, Masoneilan, Becker, and Mooney have been leading the industry with award winning innovation. From the first valves supplied in 1879, to the innovation of the term “Cv” that is today the standard unit of measure for control valve capacity, to the valve equipment used on the Apollo space program, to the first noise prediction calculations and low noise trims, to the award winning digital innovation today with our Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM)… our business continues to push the barriers and lead through innovation.

Our complete portfolio of valves, instrumentation and services; combined with 140 years of product expertise, are fundamental to our Fullstream business model today.





Latest News

BHGE Launches High-Efficiency, Consolidated Spring-to-Pilot Conversion Kits

Jacksonville, Florida (May 21, 2019)



BHGE announces the release of off-the-shelf conversion kits to upgrade API 526 direct spring SRVs (safety relief valves) to higher performance, POSRVs (pilot operated safety relief valves). For decades, API 526 direct spring SRVs have been installed around the world to prevent over-pressurization of piping systems. However, in many cases these valves have been misapplied in applications resulting in valve chatter or limitations where higher valve operating pressures are required. Upgrading to a POSRV allows users to improve process efficiency by operating closer to the set point, as compared to direct spring valves, but until today, has been very difficult to replace without field piping modifications.

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BHGE announces the launch of the new Mooney FlowMax HP Regulator

Jacksonville, Florida (April 30, 2019)


BHGE announces the expansion of the Mooney product line to now include ANSI class 300 and 600 rated FlowMax regulators, available with fail-to-close action for positive safe failure mode supporting our customers need to expand to higher ranges of regulation. This is part of a series of recent and on-going product expansions to increase the scope to better serve the Natural Gas Regulation market.

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BHGE and DARVICO together supply Control Valve Package to World’s Largest IGCC Power Plant

Jubail, Saudi Arabia (April 22, 2019)


BHGE announces the delivery of the highly engineered, severe service control valve packages to Saudi Aramco’s Jazan Integrated Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant. At greater than 2,500 MW, The Jazan IGCC Power Plant is the world’s largest gasifier-based Power Plant, using vacuum residue and high-sulphur fuel oil from the Jazan Refinery to fuel Power Generation to feed the local Jazan complex, and to help meet the increase in energy demands across the Kingdom of Saud Arabia.

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Over Pressure Protection For Natural Gas

Houston, TX (March 13, 2019)



A long history of best-in-class products, along with a great network of sales channel partners deep in industry expertise, have established Becker Control Valves and Mooney Regulators as two well recognized products in the North America Natural Gas Pipeline and Distribution market.

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BHGE Awarded Control and Safety Valve Packages for Venture Global LNG

Florence, Italy (December 20, 2018)



BHGE announces today that they have been selected as the key supplier for Masoneilan control valves and Consolidate safety relief valves for the Venture Global LNG liquefaction facility in Louisiana, USA.

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BHGE Helps Major India Refinery Return to Production After Fire

Coimbatore, India (December 12, 2018)


On August 8, 2018, a massive explosion rocked the site of India’s large government run refinery, followed by a serious fire on the compressor section that shut down the hydrocracking unit for safety reasons.

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KOMC Celebrates ValvFAST certification in Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait (November 28, 2018)


Kuwait Oil Field Maintenance Company (KOMC), owned by AA Al Rashed Sons Co WLL,  recently celebrated an extension to their overall capabilities to support the Kuwait region as a certified Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC) with the certification to become an authorized ValvFAST rapid response center. 

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